Site Description and Use

The site consists of approximately 8.29 acres of land and is comprised of eight residential parcels located at 2838 Bradley Circle, 2 27th Street, 5 27th Street, 9 27th Street, 2711 1st Avenue, 2715 1st Avenue, 2719 1st Avenue, and 2805 1st Avenue in Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia. Muscogee Tax Parcel Numbers for the site are 007 006 027, 007 011 001A, 007 006 001, 007 006 002, 007 006 005, 007 006 006, 007 006 007, and 007 006 008, respectively. The site consists of eight vacant grassed and wooded residential lots.

Historical Information

According to the historical topographic and Sanborn maps, aerial images, the eight parcels included in this review were developed with residential structures by 1908 and were razed by 1981. Based on a review of the historical aerial images, the center of the site was filled with construction debris and capped with soil in the 1980s. According to the title search summary, Tax Parcel 007-011-001A was deeded to the West Point Manufacturing Company in 1958 and was later deeded to the City of Columbus in 1966. The 1966 deed stated that the property may be used as a landfill until the property’s topography is suitable for public recreation. The fill material has been identified as a REC.

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