Site Description and Use

The site consists of three parcels located at 3710, 3712, 3714 4th Avenue in Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia. Muscogee Tax Parcel Numbers for the site are 014 014 001, 014 014 002, and 014 014 003. The site consists a former service station that is currently vacant and two residential parcels with residential structures that are currently vacant.

Historical Information

According to the historical topographic and Sanborn maps, aerial images, the three parcels included in this review were undeveloped properties in 1908 and were later developed as residential by 1929. By 1956, the 3714 4th Avenue parcel was developed as a service station. The residential parcels, 3710 and 3712 4th Avenue, have remained residential properties. Dry cleaner facilities were previously located at 320 38th Street and 3712 3rd Avenue. The dry cleaners and service station have been identified as a REC.

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Phase I Environmental Site Assessment – Former Whatley Service Station

Site-Specific Quality Assurance Project Plan Addendum 6A – Former Whatley Service Station

Hazardous Materials Assessment Report – Former Whatley Service Station

Soil Vapor Assessment Report – Former Whatley Service Station

Limited Site Investigation Report – Former Whatley Service Station