Site Description and Use

The site consists of a 0.16-acre vacant former gasoline service station located at 201 17th Street in Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia. The Muscogee tax parcel number for the site is #005 001 001.

Historical Information

According to the historical topographic and Sanborn maps, aerial images, and owner interview, the site was developed residentially as early as 1889. By 1931, the existing structure was constructed, and the site appears to have operated as a gasoline service station from approximately 1931 to 1967. During Terracon’s site reconnaissance, discussed further below, Terracon observed evidence of existing USTs at the site. The site appears relatively unchanged since the time the gasoline service station operated at the site. Based on duration of operations, the apparent duration of USTs at the site (approximately 88 years), and lack of regulatory information (discussed below), Terracon considers the former on-site gasoline service station with apparent existing USTs a REC.

The surrounding properties to the site have been developed with residential structures and various commercial facilities since at least 1908. An auto repair shop operated on the northern adjoining property (1710 2nd Avenue) from approximately 1953 to 1988. Based on duration of operation and proximity to the site, Terracon considers the former auto repair shop on the northern-adjoining property a REC in connection with the site.

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