Site Description and Use

The site is identified as Parcel Numbers: 006.012.001, 006.008.001, and (approximately 10.97 acres) located at 120 20th Street in Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia. The site consists of 108 residential units in 17 buildings, a management/maintenance building, two storage buildings, a playground, and associated paved areas. The owner of the site, the Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia, maintains the site.006.007.001

Historical Information

According to the historical topographic, Sanborn, and aerial maps, the site has been primarily developed as residential since 1908. According to the city directories, the site had several grocery stores and restaurants from 1925 to 1950. According to the information provided by the site owner, the Louise T. Chase Homes was constructed in 1952 and remains in use as an active housing facility owned and managed by the Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia.

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Phase I Environmental Site Assessment – Chase Homes